PES SMoKE Patch AIO Full Tarbaru Download 2023

PES SMoKE Patch AIO Full Version Free Download [Terbaru] 2023


PES SMoKE Patch AIO merupakan update pemain yang rilis belum lama ini untuk memperbaharui semua pemain dan juga berbagai hal lain di dalam game PES 2017 anda. Di dalam update kali ini terdapat banyak sekali pembaharuan dan juga penambahan pemain serta klub untuk game PES 2017 anda. Seperti kita tahu PES SMoKE Patch AIO ini merupakan salah satu Patch PES 2017 yang digemari oleh para gamers PES 2017 selain Patch PTE.

Dengan menginstal PES SMoKE Patch AIO ini ke dalam game PES 2017 milik anda, maka anda akan mendapatkan pemain yang sudah update dengan musim transfer terbaru. Kemudian ada penambahan sekitar 90 tim baru jika dibandingkan dengan PES Smoke versi sebelumnya. Lalu untuk pemain ada penambahan sekitar 4000 pemain baru di dalam PES SMoKE Patch AIO ini. Serta berbagai macam fitur dan penambahan lainnya yang akan anda temukan di dalam PES Smoke terbaru ini.


  • Leagues:
    The new league switcher contains a variety of choices that you can choose from, all the teams will be available regardless of the leagues you choose, there is also an option to remove completely MLS teams from Latin america continent.
    The 10 options in the league switcher are:

    • Germany – Colombia – China
    • Germany – Colombia – China (without MLS teams)
    • Turkey – Colombia – China
    • Russia – Colombia – China
    • Germany – Colombia – Japan
    • Germany – USA – Japan
    • Germany – USA – China
    • Germany – Mexico – Japan
    • Turkey – USA – Japan
    • Russia – Mexico – Japan
  • Teams:
    this edition have 90 teams more than the previous version, you can see all the teams in the game in the TEAMS 2017 page, all teams and national teams can be used normally in FL modes. The patch have 606 overall teams, with correct logos, kits, squads, manager, stadium name and fans color, as usual when we find any error we will correct in updates.
  • Players:
    as you might imagine, adding such a big number of teams will result in adding a huge number of new players, all players created have correct attributes, there might be some minor errors since there are more than 4000 new players added, the stats are from the patch database with SRS stats. The number of players in the patch is more than 13.000 player, around 3000 of them have real faces in this version, note that we do not create the faces, we only re-texture and re-assign, to see the face maker you can check pes-stars website.
  • Stadiums:
    this version includes an updated stadium pack v3, the stadiums in the patch are 40 unique models, converted from previous PES and smoke versions, we included a verity of locations for the stadiums, with high quality texture and fans, and HD skies for all stadiums.
  • Boots:
    this version uses smoke boot pack v2, no changes in this version concerning the boots, smoke patch have 100 boots that contain a verity of model colors and designs. the model and texture are made for a smooth game-play and high quality.
  • Others:
    the patch adds more real balls to the game, including a couple of fantasy balls, a lot of other things also added such as referees kits and faces, a lot of real goalkeeper gloves and many other stuff that will make the game better and better.

Other changes in this version:

  • Fixed konami bug with master league game plan this mistake was made by konami after one of the live updates released, this prevented the game plan changes to be saved after exiting the game, in this version we corrected this mistake and now you can save the changes without any problem.
  • Revised stats for major clubs (SRS)
    since this version is detached from live updates, we started revising the stats according to our system which we use in all previous pes version, in the we started with the big teams, and will keep reviewing the stats in future updates.
  • Fixed extra cpk files (9-16)
    a small bug prevented the new extra cpk files from working, after installing this version all extra cpk files can be used for your custom edits, please be careful when adding things not made by us.
  • Fixed random crash/bug
    some reported a bug when playing with or against some teams in master league, this was a problem with the stadium assignment and with the league/cup system files, this version will fix this but a new FL mode might be needed for the fix to work.


  • Extract patch files download all parts and be sure all are completed, extract only part one the rest will be extracted automatically, don’t move any of the installation files or folders.
  • Run Setup 94.exe and choose PES installation folder, the patch must be installed in the same game folder, be sure you don’t get errors and that the installer finished successfully.


  • Always check and install the latest smoke update when available.
  • Delete old patch and old edit file is highly recommended (to avoid any possible errors and to free disk space)
  • Starting new ML and BAL is recommended (to use new teams, new players and others)
  • Do not use old edit00000 files (using older or other edit files might bug the game)
  • Do not generate dpfilelist (use smoke extra cpk instead to add things)
  • This version is made to focus on offline modes, online feature will not find opponents due the the difference between the patch system files and the original game.

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windows 10

Bagaimana Cara Menggunakan PES SMoKE Patch Retakan?

  • Download PES SMoKE Patch Retakan dengan menggunakan IDM
  • Uninstall versi sebelumnya dengan menggunakan IObit Uninstaller.
  • Gunakan Winzip atau WinRAR untuk membuka file RAR.
  • Pertama, Anda perlu menginstal program.
  • Jadi, Lebih baik menyalin crack daripada menempelkannya ke folder program.
  • Instal program dari sana.
  • Semua selesai! Sekarang nikmati

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PES SMoKE Patch AIO (6.4 Gb)


PES SMoKE Patch AIO (6.4 Gb)

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